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24/12/2020 (6 years)
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Rileys Little Tractor :: Georgetown Texas plus 35 miles :: 30 hp and 37 hp Kubota tractors ::

* I am set up to do very small jobs or larger jobs.
* Can repair road with gravel or road base .
* For road compaction, I have a 4’ riding vibration drum roller.
* 4’ or 6’ Box blades for leveling of ground, roads or church parking lots.
* Front end loader work for spreading or moving material.
* 6’ tilt / angle straight blade for cutting drainage ditches.
* Shredding large/small acreage, real estate lots with 7', 6' or 5' shredders.
* Finish mowing large lots with 5’ belly finish mower.
* Field or pasture aeration with 6‘ aerator.
* Rye grass spreader mounted on front of tractor, followed by post and logging chain
* Plowing with 1 bottom plow, Middle busting plow, rototilling for large garden
* Sub-soiler/chisel for small or large pastures that are hard packed by cattle or horses.
This helps to keep the rain in the soil instead of running off.

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LT Ranch Tree Trimming

We serve Eastland Tx. & surrounding counties.
We trim & raise up trees with a hydraulic, front mount high reach cutter, and clean up and pile with a grapple rake. The grapple is capable of raking, picking up, stacking or loading trimmings and other trash of all kinds. Our service is ideal for larger acreage, but small jobs can be done according to accessibility of equipment. Load & Haul jobs are also available by estimate. We will cut trimmings into fire wood if desired. Our current price is $50.00 per hr. with a 2 hr. min.

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900 lift mods


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